Astrology, Karma and You: An Introspection

Correlation of Karma and Destiny: What causes ‘birth’?

Karma refers to action. Each action generates a force a part of which gets transpired in present and the remaining part materializes in future. Our life is a series of events which are based on how we receive the fruits of our actions.  We are supposed to incarnate on the earth again and again in order to clear the baggage of karmas we have accumulated with us. Some part of this karma gets reflected in the nature, innate tendencies, capacities and desires.

Karma Vedic Astrology

As per astrology, each individual is a collection of energies and these can be identified from the person’s natal chart. The karma is the force causing different events and modifying our energies.

The positive or ‘vihit karmas’(karma that should be done) fructify in the form of  favorable outcomes, pleasant times, success, fortune. Karmic punishment for ‘nishiddh karma’(karma that should not be done) materializes in the form of limitations and failures. More the gravity of the action, either good or bad, the more intense is the result in corresponding form.

Karmas: Understanding the Astrological aspect

Shani: ‘Atma karaka’- Causative of Birth

From the point of view of Astrology, Shani or Saturn is considered as the ‘atma karaka’ or the planet that is responsible for birth of an individual so that a ‘jeeva’ receives the fruits of all past actions. However, in each new birth an individual accumulates more ’karma’ and thus the cycle of birth and death continues.

Saturn Karma Astrology

65 percent of life events are determined by destiny based on past actions. The remaining 35 percent is the free-will through which average ‘jeeva’ incurs more karmic debt. It is only after ‘self-knowledge’ or ‘atma gyaan’ that no new karma gets accumulated and 100 percent events in life are destined (fruits of past actions).

Saturn is known as Agent of Karma and is credited with implying restrictions, limitations and delays in the areas that are receiving its aspect. These are the areas where a person has not been able to perform well in past and needs improvement.

Sade Saati is the time occurring in life period of an individual where intense energy of Saturn is experienced causing high restrictions in areas where duties have not been duly fulfilled in past. This implies one has to focus on those areas through hard work.

Rahu And Ketu:  Limits on good alignments

The position of Rahu and Ketu is also important. The energy of Ketu is present in the south node of Moon and provides an insight into impressions from past lives that influence your present behavior. Rahu, at the north node of Moon reflects the karma that has to be experienced in this lifetime.

Rahu & Ketu

These two planets also have the power to nullify the effects of benefic alignments of planets indicating that time is not favorable for harvesting of good karmas.

Tenth House of Horoscope: House of Karmas

The tenth house of the horoscope is also the house of karma. The presence of benefic planets and conjunctions in the tenth house indicates that certain punya accumulated by you is ready to give you benefits. However, malefic alignments signify that bad karmas are ready to give their harvest in life.
Apart from these areas, your ability to enjoy benefits from favorable alignments also reflects your karma.

Scope of Astrological Remedies

The big question that arises in the mind, why do have so many remedies in astrology when we are destined to reap the harvest of our past actions?

The answer comes when we delve a bit more into theory of karma. Karmas are cause of binding. A karma that is ksheen or weak can be easily nullified by doing remedies.

Karmas that are madhyam or medium strength can be dealt with by doing suitable ‘japam’ , rituals or wearing a gemstone or even an ayurvedic medicine can be of great help.


However, karmas that are highly potent in intensity or ‘teevr’ cannot be nullified in any way. When such karmas fructify, remedies do not work or medicines do not show their effect.  In case it was good ‘teevr’ karma, no black magic or destructive action can stop your success.

It should be noted that all three types of karmas (strengths) can be good or bad in nature.

Sometimes, it can be just a result of a past good action to seek help from a right spiritual healer or astrologer and get remedies for difficult situations. Thus, if you are facing some difficulties seeking help from world famous astrologer in London, Shivaram ji can prove as a decision that changes your life for the good.


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