Foreign Travel Yogas and VISA problem Solutions

People who are desirous of getting VISA for availing overseas opportunities sometimes do not find conducive situations and face hurdles. There are some planetary combinations that favor foreign travel. It can be for entertainment, recreation, studies or earning opportunities.

foreign travel astrology

Let us analyze favorable planetary combinations for foreign travel:

  • The 8th house of astrology is the house of legacies and longevity. It is watery in nature and has a significant role in determining prospects of foreign travel. When malefic planets are present in this house, there is possibility of a foreign travel.
  • When the 9th house has a dual natured (Gemini, Pisces, Virgo) or movable sign (Cancer, Capricorn, Libra) placed in it, there are chances of foreign travel.
  • If the Lord of the 12th house is having malefic planets, that indicates foreign travel.
  • When the Lord of the 7th house gets associated with the 8th, 9th or 12th houses, foreign travel is indicated after marriage.
  • Jupiter in 9th and 12th houses
  • The 9th and 12th houses indicate life away from home. Thus, when the Lords of these houses have mutual aspects or conjunctions, they indicate foreign travel yogas.
  • Involvement of Jupiter in foreign trips can be for attending religious conferences, educational purposes, pilgrimages or adventure sports.
  • The Lord of 9th house indicates long-term journeys.
  • Short term journeys are indicated by yogas formed by Lord of 3rd
  • A conjunction between Lord of 4th house and Lord of 9th house indicates higher studies or teaching missions.
  • If the Lord of the 6th house is present in foreign travel yogas, the person travels due to assignments by employers.

Direction of Foreign travel:

  • Involvement of Planet Saturn indicates long-distance travel in western direction.
  • Venus Planet in Foreign travel yogas indicates medium travel in south-east direction.
  • Presence of Rahu indicates travels on secret missions and diplomatic visits.
  • If both Rahu and Ketu are involved in Foreign Travel yogas, it is inauspicious and person is forced to go to foreign lands leaving their home (for example in wars, exile)

Remedies for Foreign Travel Hurdles:

  • When Jupiter is weak, a bath in water mixed with honey can help to remove the hindrances. Wearing yellow clothes or gold ornaments also helps in alleviating disturbances due to weak Jupiter.
  • If Saturn is involved in causing a hindrance, the n donating mustard oil, black mustard, black clothes, iron, black sesame seeds, wearing blue sapphire (after testing suitability) on Saturdays and particularly when new moon falls on Saturday

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