Foreign Travel Yogas and VISA problem Solutions

People who are desirous of getting VISA for availing overseas opportunities sometimes do not find conducive situations and face hurdles. There are some planetary combinations that favor foreign travel. It can be for entertainment, recreation, studies or earning opportunities.

foreign travel astrology

Let us analyze favorable planetary combinations for foreign travel:

  • The 8th house of astrology is the house of legacies and longevity. It is watery in nature and has a significant role in determining prospects of foreign travel. When malefic planets are present in this house, there is possibility of a foreign travel.
  • When the 9th house has a dual natured (Gemini, Pisces, Virgo) or movable sign (Cancer, Capricorn, Libra) placed in it, there are chances of foreign travel.
  • If the Lord of the 12th house is having malefic planets, that indicates foreign travel.
  • When the Lord of the 7th house gets associated with the 8th, 9th or 12th houses, foreign travel is indicated after marriage.
  • Jupiter in 9th and 12th houses
  • The 9th and 12th houses indicate life away from home. Thus, when the Lords of these houses have mutual aspects or conjunctions, they indicate foreign travel yogas.
  • Involvement of Jupiter in foreign trips can be for attending religious conferences, educational purposes, pilgrimages or adventure sports.
  • The Lord of 9th house indicates long-term journeys.
  • Short term journeys are indicated by yogas formed by Lord of 3rd
  • A conjunction between Lord of 4th house and Lord of 9th house indicates higher studies or teaching missions.
  • If the Lord of the 6th house is present in foreign travel yogas, the person travels due to assignments by employers.

Direction of Foreign travel:

  • Involvement of Planet Saturn indicates long-distance travel in western direction.
  • Venus Planet in Foreign travel yogas indicates medium travel in south-east direction.
  • Presence of Rahu indicates travels on secret missions and diplomatic visits.
  • If both Rahu and Ketu are involved in Foreign Travel yogas, it is inauspicious and person is forced to go to foreign lands leaving their home (for example in wars, exile)

Remedies for Foreign Travel Hurdles:

  • When Jupiter is weak, a bath in water mixed with honey can help to remove the hindrances. Wearing yellow clothes or gold ornaments also helps in alleviating disturbances due to weak Jupiter.
  • If Saturn is involved in causing a hindrance, the n donating mustard oil, black mustard, black clothes, iron, black sesame seeds, wearing blue sapphire (after testing suitability) on Saturdays and particularly when new moon falls on Saturday

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Saturn in Vedic Astrology-Myths Debusted

The moment a person hears the word ‘Shani’ or Dasha of Shani while getting analysis of horoscope, a fear grips their psyche. Because of the fear, the important requisites of putting efforts in right directions get missed and person starts feeling like a wretched moron.

Saturn vedic astrology karma

Legendary story: Why ‘Drishti’ of Shani is Most dreaded?

As per puranic stories, Saturn (Shani) is the son of Surya (Sun) and Chhaya (Swarna). Although Chhaya greatly loved and revered her husband, secretly she felt afraid that Sun’s teja or agni would burn her. Due to this hidden fear, Saturn, their son was born with certain unfavorable traits for his father. Surya got sick upon birth of Shani due to latter’s aspect. Their relation is filled with conflicts. Whenever Saturn and Sun are found together, the effect is also seen in natives in the form of discord with father.

Later on in life, Saturn became an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna.  Surya, his father married him to Chitrarath’s daughter who was very powerful and modest in conduct, in the hope of bringing back Shani to normal life. However, Shani continued his devotional worship towards Krishna. His wife wanted to have a son and expressed her desire to her husband Shani.  Despite this, Shani kept ignoring her and became immersed in remembrance of Lord Krishna. Due to this, his wife cursed him that whoever, Saturn would cast glance on would fall prey to immense misfortune.

However, Shani convinced her to agreement but the curse could not be taken back. Thus, Shani (Saturn) kept his glance downwards to avoid hurting others. Thus, people on earth get neech drishti of Shani befall into immense misfortune.

Saturn: The Karaka Planet

  • Saturn is the Karaka (causative )planet of 6th, 8th and 12th
  • Saturn is also Karaka of ‘vairagya’(detachment) and spiritual journey.
  • Saturn is also Karaka of birth of an individual (atma-karaka).
  • Saturn is also the planet of karma.
  • Saturn is associated with professions relating to sculpting, labour, farming.
  • Saturn is Karaka for black gram, urad daal, brinjals, coal, jamun

Impact of Saturn

  • Saturn in Capricorn or Aquarius, it is considered to be its own rashi.
  • Saturn in Libra from 0-20 degrees is in exalted state.
  • In signs that are opposite (180 degrees) to Libra Aries sign (0-20 degrees), Saturn becomes very inauspicious.

Relationship with other Planets

Planets neutral to Saturn: Example Jupiter, Venus. The inborn relationship between Saturn and other planets is called as naisargik maîtri.

Saturn is friendly to planets that are three houses away (ahead and back) from its position in the horoscope. This is called tatkaalik maîtri (friendship with immediate). Apart from this naisargik maîtri is also a relationship observed among planets (natural or inborn friendship).

Shani & Other Planets Maitri

Based on these two kinds of maîtri, the final Panchadha maîtri is formed and is the final word for relationship between planets.

For example, Venus is tatkalic friend of Saturn (in second house ahead of Saturn’s position) and is neutral of Saturn in terms of naisargik maîtri. Thus, Venus is extremely friendly with Saturn as per panchadha maîtri.

Transit of Saturn

Transits of Saturn are analyzed considering Moon as the ascendant.

  • When Saturn transits through the 3rd house, there will be tremendous success in all kinds of endeavors. Along with this, the native also gets immense wealth and health.
  • Transit of Saturn in the 6th house leads to defeat of enemies and immense pleasures.
  • In transit through 11th house, Saturn gets business, popularity, respect and immense financial gains.
  • However, When Saturn transits 1st house, a native experiences bad health, discord and misunderstandings with family members, detachment from near and dear ones, loss of immunity, loss of wealth, general fatigue.
  • There are no major problems during Saturn’s transit through 2nd
  • In transit from 4th house, problems are encountered with women (opposite sex) and friend circle.

    Transit of Saturn

  • When Saturn transits from the 5th house, native loses intelligence.
  • During Saturn’s Transit from the 7th house, problems are encountered with members opposite sex, extreme travel, distress and anxiety. A person may be forced to stay away from home place.
  • When Saturn transits through the 8th house, the native loses health, wealth and experiences loss of pets.
  • In the transit through 9th house, a person gets afflicted by poverty and even death.
  • Saturn’s Transit through the 10th house causes loss of wealth and honor in society.
  • Saturn’s transit through 12th house is marked by conflicts and painful situations, wasteful efforts and diseases for spouse and children

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Astrology, Karma and You: An Introspection

Correlation of Karma and Destiny: What causes ‘birth’?

Karma refers to action. Each action generates a force a part of which gets transpired in present and the remaining part materializes in future. Our life is a series of events which are based on how we receive the fruits of our actions.  We are supposed to incarnate on the earth again and again in order to clear the baggage of karmas we have accumulated with us. Some part of this karma gets reflected in the nature, innate tendencies, capacities and desires.

Karma Vedic Astrology

As per astrology, each individual is a collection of energies and these can be identified from the person’s natal chart. The karma is the force causing different events and modifying our energies.

The positive or ‘vihit karmas’(karma that should be done) fructify in the form of  favorable outcomes, pleasant times, success, fortune. Karmic punishment for ‘nishiddh karma’(karma that should not be done) materializes in the form of limitations and failures. More the gravity of the action, either good or bad, the more intense is the result in corresponding form.

Karmas: Understanding the Astrological aspect

Shani: ‘Atma karaka’- Causative of Birth

From the point of view of Astrology, Shani or Saturn is considered as the ‘atma karaka’ or the planet that is responsible for birth of an individual so that a ‘jeeva’ receives the fruits of all past actions. However, in each new birth an individual accumulates more ’karma’ and thus the cycle of birth and death continues.

Saturn Karma Astrology

65 percent of life events are determined by destiny based on past actions. The remaining 35 percent is the free-will through which average ‘jeeva’ incurs more karmic debt. It is only after ‘self-knowledge’ or ‘atma gyaan’ that no new karma gets accumulated and 100 percent events in life are destined (fruits of past actions).

Saturn is known as Agent of Karma and is credited with implying restrictions, limitations and delays in the areas that are receiving its aspect. These are the areas where a person has not been able to perform well in past and needs improvement.

Sade Saati is the time occurring in life period of an individual where intense energy of Saturn is experienced causing high restrictions in areas where duties have not been duly fulfilled in past. This implies one has to focus on those areas through hard work.

Rahu And Ketu:  Limits on good alignments

The position of Rahu and Ketu is also important. The energy of Ketu is present in the south node of Moon and provides an insight into impressions from past lives that influence your present behavior. Rahu, at the north node of Moon reflects the karma that has to be experienced in this lifetime.

Rahu & Ketu

These two planets also have the power to nullify the effects of benefic alignments of planets indicating that time is not favorable for harvesting of good karmas.

Tenth House of Horoscope: House of Karmas

The tenth house of the horoscope is also the house of karma. The presence of benefic planets and conjunctions in the tenth house indicates that certain punya accumulated by you is ready to give you benefits. However, malefic alignments signify that bad karmas are ready to give their harvest in life.
Apart from these areas, your ability to enjoy benefits from favorable alignments also reflects your karma.

Scope of Astrological Remedies

The big question that arises in the mind, why do have so many remedies in astrology when we are destined to reap the harvest of our past actions?

The answer comes when we delve a bit more into theory of karma. Karmas are cause of binding. A karma that is ksheen or weak can be easily nullified by doing remedies.

Karmas that are madhyam or medium strength can be dealt with by doing suitable ‘japam’ , rituals or wearing a gemstone or even an ayurvedic medicine can be of great help.


However, karmas that are highly potent in intensity or ‘teevr’ cannot be nullified in any way. When such karmas fructify, remedies do not work or medicines do not show their effect.  In case it was good ‘teevr’ karma, no black magic or destructive action can stop your success.

It should be noted that all three types of karmas (strengths) can be good or bad in nature.

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Why Vedic Astrology Gives Better Predictions than its Tropical counterpart?

  • The most intriguing and basic difference in Vedic and western Astrology is the use of lunar sign in Vedic system and the sun sign in the western astrology.
  • This makes the Vedic or Hindu system of astrology to have placement of astronomical bodies coinciding with the astrological settings.


  • The earth’s equator shifts by nearly 51” backwards among the signs of zodiac, along the longitude every year, a phenomenon termed as “precession of equinoxes”.
  • The western Astrology starts with the first sign of zodiac Aries at a place where the sun crosses the equator. And this a relatively temporal position where one degree of change occurs every 72 years.
  • Due to this phenomenon, and use of sun as the determiner of zodiac, the western system of Zodiac even on starting at the same point with Sidereal zodiac has shifted to approximately 23 degree (25 days). The shift is still continuing.
  • However, in the sidereal or Vedic astrology, the zodiac is aligned with the 27 constellations or fixed star groups.
  • In this, the first zodiac sign Aries coincides aligns with the first constellation Ashwini . A correction factor for the vernal equinox gets automatically applied.
  • This makes Vedic astrology interpretations as more reliable and accurate. In fact, the lack of faith in astrology and labeling of astrology a non-scientific concept is due to fact that astronomical positions of planets do not coincide with the theoretical astrologically defined positions.
  • In Vedic Astrology, the planetary periods called ‘dashas’ render the horoscope highly predictive. The zodiac sign, the house, the house lordship, the aspects, conjunctions, strength of the planet in Vedic dashas give very clear insights and accurate predictions.
  • Also, mahadasha or major planetary periods are subdivided into 1-3 years sub-periods that make the calculations further simplified and accurate.
  • It has been observed that Vedic astrology gives a better insight into a person’s karmic accounts and tendencies.
  • The predictions made on basis of Vedic astrology are more accurate and have less basis of psychological interpretation.
  • The Vedic chart is square to look while the tropical chart is round in shape.
  • Many of western Astrologers who studied Vedic astrology later chose to practice their profession using Vedic system of Astrology.

Reading People’s Mind with Astrology

Learning astrology is not an easy task as it needs years of experience and proper knowledge of the spiritual books and Vedas. Top best Indian astrologers are very proficient and reading minds is like a fun game for them. They research the birth charts and predicts future events. They work on the basis of position of celestial bodies and stars. People usually meet the astrologer to ask them about the solutions of their problems. Here are some of the tips that can make you skilled in reading people’s mind:

reading mind with astrology

  • Have some Knowledge: If you want to learn advance skills then, you must have basic knowledge, understanding of astrology and its impact on lives. It influences life indirectly but really has positive impacts in lives.
  • Have faith in yourself: Better you have confidence and self-believe in yourself, the more you will get skilled in this art. You have to keep yourself unique from others.
  • Know the person: You should use new technologies and tools to read a person’s birth chart. Develop skills that help you to have a deep insight of the person.

best spritual healing

Best spiritual healers are proficient in this amazing art. It is a great way of peeping in one’s lives. People often remain confused with the thing that astrology is a science or art? But, in real it is a compilation of both. It is a science of reading people’s mind with the means of tools while it becomes an art when you have to learn it.

How to find best Astrologer for You?

In this modern era, astrology is still impacting the lives of people. Many people believe in it as it really works for them. People outside India have also started believing in this art. They are seeking help from London Astrology Consultant to get the solutions for their problems. People went to astrologers to get remedies for their complications.


There are numerous people who check their daily horoscope and perform their entire day activities according to it. London top astrologers are well proficient in Vedic Astrology and Indian astrology; they are guiding people to the path of success. If you want a personal astrologer for you then, these tips can help you in finding perfect astrologer for you:

  • Make sure your astrologer is experienced. To know about it, you can ask about the astrologer’s expertise and his proficiency. You can also about his practising years.
  • Usually all the astrologers opt for different methods and tools to predict the upcoming events. There are many astrologers who opt for birth chart, while some of them go for planetary positions with respect to the Sun and moon. Choose the one who use tools in which you believe the most.
  • If you want a long term hiring of personal astrologer then you should maintain professionalism. Before selecting any astrologer, compare him with other astrologers. You can check the list on internet hen shortlist it according to your needs and interest. You should read reviews from their websites too.

Choose the best for you to get a successful future!

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